Friday, November 19, 2010

Another shopping site...more free gifts! - Online Jewelry Auctions
I think I just found a new addiction! is an online shopping site for jewelry and accessories that :you bid on for just a portion of it's original price. When I signed up I received an instant $5 in my account. PLUS there is a code:BidzPays10.  Be sure to copy and paste exactly as is, without any extra spaces before or after it for it to be accepted!

So, first register at BIDZ.COM
Click on “My Bidz”

Click on “Manage Coupons”
Enter Coupon Code: BidzPays10
Then go bid on items. You may need to win several bids to get over $10.
Once you win the auctions, click on “Cashier” at the top.
Enter your Billing Information
Then choose your delivery option
Next you will see your order summary.
Click on the “add coupon” and the $10 will be deducted + FREE Shipping added!!

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