Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dream Come True--Lehigh Valley PA

I think I pretty much failed to make a posting this past Saturday. It was a great and busy day! Before hosting some great young adults for dinner that evening, we headed to the annual Dream Come True Christmas party. This year it was held on the campus of DeSales University. Dream Come True is an organization similar to Make A Wish, however it is local to the Lehigh Valley area.

Click here to access their home site.

Ciara has received her dream of a touch screen computer, received almost a year ago. Candace is waiting for her dream to be fulfilled. We receive invitiations several times a year to participate in DCT events because:
Dreams begin with a referral and don’t end with the dream. Once a Dream Come True child always a Dream Come child. We stay with our children throughout their life. We offer dreams, various events where families get together for fun, support and fellowship. We also offer our children who are dream recipients college scholarships if they are able to attend college. If they unfortunately pass away, Dream Come True helps the family give the child the funeral they so richly deserve.
Anyone can refer your child for a dream. We had never heard of the program but the advocate from the ELKS program (see my posting regarding the ELKS free services located in the archives under Special Needs) had nominated the girls. We are so grateful she did! 
The girls each left with a dream Christmas present at the end of the holiday party. Ciara with her Easy Bake Oven and Candace with her Baby Alive and all with big smiles. It was a great time for the whole family! Festive and relaxing and a wonderful kickoff to the holidays!

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