Saturday, December 4, 2010

Need an extra hand?

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As I mentioned earlier this week, Wednesday was our Moms Support Group (my monthly dose of MSG, a necessary preservative in this case!)  This month we were privileged to have Kristi Sauders speak to us briefly about finding help to assist in care for our children when they are at home.     Kristi is employed by ResCare Home Care in Montgomery County, PA. She had some encouraging words to share with us and
I would like to share that link with all of you.  Kristi wanted us to be aware of ResCare's beliefs that:

While every child is a unique treasure, some children are born with
special needs. At ResCare Home Care, our purpose is to help children
with special needs develop well, achieve their maximum health and
independence, and – most important of all – SMILE everyday.

Many times children with special needs require long-term assistance from
home health aides or nurses. At ResCare Home Care, Springhouse division,
we make sure that every child in our care reaches their fullest
potential physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially.
To learn more about ResCare and their programs Click Here!
View DetailsTo read about the office servicing the greater Philadelphia area Click here
or reach the Springhouse office directly at:* Kristi Sauder, Field Supervisor/case manager
Office: 267-460-6234, e-mail
* Harith Buie, Clinical manager
Office: 267-460-6228, e-mail
* Joan Tuthill, DON
Office 267-460-6230, e-mail

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