Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Fun magazine subscription for $2.99

Right now you can get a great deal on  Family Fun magazine through TANGA.
Be sure to use the promotional code fun at checkout to get a one year subscription
for $2.99.
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Half off Gap Jeans today for 3 hours!!!

      GAP JEANS 50% off for three hours today Saturday September 25th!
Hot news for GAP jeans wearers!  GAP will take 50% off your women's, mens or baby jeans purchase on Saturday, 9/25 from Noon to 3 pm.  Just mention code "Flash" at the register!!  This deal was announced on the GAP Facebook Page.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Free museum visit for tomorrow

This is a fun way to head out tomorrow without paying anything for the outing.
Last year I took the girls to the Pearl Buck museum for an hour or two and it was very interesting, but something I wouldn't have done if I didn't have the free ticket vouchers.
There are HUNDREDS of museums on the list. Check it out here....
Free Museum Tickets
Remember it is for TOMORROW only!

ELK's home service program

Like any family with a disability, we found ourselves in a place of confusion. Too many doctors, appointments, school appointments, phone calls, medical forms, and on and on it went. Still does!
I noticed how much time and energy it was taking from our typical home life, after all we are also a family of six. Finally I decided to look into a service that had been brought up a few times in conversation: The ELKS home service program. It took a little work to set up the initial meeting, but it soon became worth the effort!
ELKS home service

Visit their web site to find this description and more...

What We Do

A young girl with cerebral palsy smiles up from her wheelchair Since 1963, the PA Elks Home Service Program has been helping to improve the quality of life for thousands of children and adults throughout Pennsylvania. We provide support and advocacy services to individuals of any age who have a developmental disability
Some ways the Elks Home Service Program can help:
  • Provide in-home medical care coordination services
  • Advocate for an individual's legal and human rights
  • Provide information regarding resources and services available
  • Assess needs and help to access equipment
  • Advocate for appropriate educational services
  • Assist with finding activities within the community
  • Offer instruction regarding home care
  • Provide emotional support
  • Help with vocational goals
  • Assist with residential options
  • Provide referrals to appropriate agencies in the community
  • Interpret clinical findings and act as a liaison between health care providers
You may be disappointed to hear that this is a Pennsylvania Elks organization. I am not aware of any other
state ELKS offering this service.
It was worth the energy for us, I am hoping someone else can also benefit from this program!

Another Coupon Code 80% off + Free $10 Gift Certificate: $25 Discount Certificates $2 or $3, $10 Discount Certificates $0.80 has a new 80% off code AUTUMN available. Receive a free bonus $10 Gift Certificate with your purchase. The $25 discount certificates are normally $10 or $15 (depending on restaurant), but are $2 or $3 with the code. They also sell $10 certificates for select restaurants for $4, making them 80 cents each with the code.
Remember that codes are often case sensitive. Copy and Paste works well for using coupon codes in order to get the upper and lower case letters correct.
This time it is simply AUTUMN
Anyone want to head to Baccos.......yum!

Printable Toy Coupons

There are some toy coupons that were just released for print. Hard to believe, but we are 3 months from Christmas. We will soon see some great sales that should match up nicely with these coupons. Stay tuned!
Click here for Play Saver coupons

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A lesson learned from a daughter

Today is a special day. Fifteen years ago our second daughter was born, 5 weeks early, but strong, healthy and adorable. We knew we wanted to be a blessing to her but had no idea what a blessing she'd be to us!
Funny how that happens. The very beings we are working so hard at raising and teaching are also vessels of wisdom to us. I remember the first time I discovered this lesson about ten years ago...

It was a frustrating day.  The twins had had multiple therapies in our home for early intervention. At that point, they disliked their male Occupational Therapist deeply. They were, I believe, convinced he was a doctor. Doctors brought about immediate screams and cries of protest. They were as weary as I by now.I had our five year old at home one last year and she had spent the afternoon trying to use our computer and printer. (Remember, this was ten years ago and the technology reflected that!) The oldest, around 7 years, was home from a full day of school with an equally full backpack waiting to be sorted through.
"Mom!"  "MOMMY"  "MaMaMaMaMaMa"  MMMMMMmmmmmmaaa!", echoed through the house and in my ears.
As a loving, caring mother I responded with, "You guys are driving me CRAZY!". sigh. Can I have a do-over?   Then, from my sweet spirited, mostly quiet, five year old I heard,

Free Photo Albums every month

I have so many great memories in pictures...few are in tangible form, most are in digital form.
Every once in a while I get a desire to pick them up and look at them--away from the computer!
Printing them can get expensive and often add another pile of clutter to the living room. That is why I have come to appreciate this web site:

Hot prints allows you up to 4 free books per month, you pay for the shipping.
HotBook is a 16-page photo book (including the covers) that you can design and create yourself online, using your own photos. It can be customized and personalized as per your creativity.  It measures 20cm wide x 25cm high (or about 8" by 10") and is printed on 170gsm paper.
HotBook is printed using high quality, industry standard printers which are used for high resolution printing by market leaders.
To make a HotBook you can select photos from your Facebook account. You can also upload high resolution photos from your computer via your own HotPrints account for FREE.
There are a few pages of advertisement in the free books, but the pages can be easily removed. There is also a  Hot Prints logo on the back cover, which doesn't bother me at all.  If you have a special occasion, you can upgrade your book to avoid the advertising and have it bound in a higher quality materials.

Click here for Hot Prints

Join Amazon Mom free and get Free 2 day shipping until Christmas!

Want free 2 day delivery from during the 3 months leading up to the holidays?
Then sign up now for Amazon Mom

When you join Amazon Mom, you receive FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime for the first 3 months of your membership. For each $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby Store, we'll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year of Amazon Prime shipping benefits from the date you joined Amazon Mom. In the third month of your membership, we will send you an e-mail that tracks your spending progress in the Baby Store. This e-mail will contain a current end date for your shipping benefit based on how much you have spent in the Baby Store. Visit the Manage Prime Membership page to add a family member.
Subscribe & Save Items
Amazon Mom members receive an additional 15% discount on top of the standard 15% discount on select diapers & wipes with Subscribe & Save delivery, bringing the total discount to 30%. Visit the Manage Your Subscribe & Save Items page to change delivery schedules, quantities, and more.
You may cancel your membership at any time and end your benefits immediately.
Sign up today and you will receive free shipping all the way through Christmas! Hooray!
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Are you also searching with
You can combine your Amazon certificates earned through points received searching with the search engine with this free delivery perk and save yourself some money in your Holiday budget!

Get 6 Bottles of Olay body wash for $12.07 shipped free!

Head over to SOAP.COM for half off Olay body lotions and washes today only!

Use coupon code OLAY50 at checkout to get discount...
Here is what I did...


I chose 6 bottles of the exfoliating ribbons Body Wash, you can choose a different variety.

I checked the box for the $1.oo coupon.
Be sure you have enough in your order to have $25 total,pre-coupon, so that you don't have to pay for shipping.
I entered the promotional code OLAY50 in the code box.
FINAL=6 bottles for 12.07 delivered TOMORROW! HERE

(I did all this through SWAGBUCKS shopping link so that I will also get 24swagbucks)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How I will get 2 free Edge Shave Gels next week

There are great printable coupons to be found on
But they become even better if you print them and then hold onto them to make the best possible deal.
For instance, the Edge Shave Gel is available now to print, but NEXT week CVS will have them
on sale for buy one get one free. When you match a buy one get one free coupon with a buy one get one free sale you get BOTH for FREE! Woohoo!

You can print the coupon here


I don't get it....some how-to tips

Recently a friend (I won't meniton names but it starts with a D and rhymes with "glory"  lol) commented on this blog with an "I don't get it". I remember what that felt like as I started to make my way through savings ideas online...very overwhelming. I would like to add a few links that should explain some of the strategies:

How to use
click here
click here  this one has a video to click on

How to use Promotional Codes
click here
click here
and also
click here

Let's see if this helps!
Happy Savings!

Yankee Votive Candle Coupon

The weather in Eastern PA is fantastic right now: clear, blue skies and crisp evening air.
I was just thinking yesterday that I need to start pulling out some seasonally scented candles to add to the cozy!  There is a great coupon to print from Yankee Candle to get the votives to $1. But hurry, the coupon expires September 26th!

Great Groupon deal on movie tickets today only!

Have you used the groupon site yet? You get great deals by being part of a large group purchase. Typically people sign up and search by their closest city location, but that isn't necessary if it is a national product or certificate for an online organization. For instance, today's great purchase comes from the groupon site for Salt Lake City. However, the movie tickets are through Fandango, a theater website, so it works for anyone!
Be sure to read the details of the deal on the website as well as check the theaters in your area on

The Deal: 4 Movie Tickets from Weekly Cinema / Fandango (Works on IMAX / 3D) $20 at Groupon.
  • Valid at most movie theaters
  • Can use in one visit or multiple
  • Use for any movie up to $14
  • Good for IMAX, 3-D flicks
  • Send tickets to your friends with Send-A-Ticket feature
Click here for Groupon movie ticket

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amtrykes...adapted tricycles at NO cost

Seems like the more things I find that would benefit our twins, the less things I find are covered by insurance.
Over the years we have had to purchase stair glides, an adapted van and the lift to go in it, secondary backup stroller wheelchairs, adapted art supplies, supplies for ramping the entrances, and more, all of which are paid out of pocket.  So when I knew the twins wanted to join in bike riding like the rest of the family I dreaded the cost. Imagine my shock and delight when I discovered AMTRYKES. Amtrykes is part of the Ambucs organization. They are a national organization with branches all over the U.S. They provide, at no cost to you, adapted tricycles for children with disabilities. They were a godsend for our children and a delight to work with. Should you choose to take the Amtryke's journey be advised you will need a Physical Therapist who supports you--their help is needed every step of the way.

Visit their website to learn more and find your local branch.
Ambucs/Amtrykes website

Paintball special deal TODAY ONLY

$20.99 For 10 Admissions at Lehigh Valley Paintball.
 Snag this deal today only! I think Paintball looks like torture, after which the players look like they came down with Lymes disease with the telltale bulls-eye marks, but I know many guys love a day of paintball!

Lehigh Valley Paintball

Tinker Bell Coupon...hide it away for Christmas gift!

Tinker Bell & The Great Fairy Rescue Combo Pack Blu-Ray: $10 Off Printable Coupon

Disney is offering a $10 off Printable Coupon for Tinker Bell & The Great Fairy Rescue Combo Pack (Blu-Ray), valid until 10/03/10. Please note, membership needed to print out the coupon (free to join). Thank you iNCREDiPiNOY
  1. Click here
  2. Proceed to Print your coupon (install the software if asked)
Target Stores [Store Locator] have Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Combo Pack (Blu-ray) for $13 after applying $10 manufacturers coupon with this Printable Coupon

Magazine Deals

These are great deals! Look carefully, some are multiple years.
These could be ordered now with friends' address for delivery to make great but inexpensive
Christmas gifts!

Magazine Subscriptions: Parents Magazine $6/3yrs, $8/4yrs, Family Fun Magazine $6/2yrs, $9/3yrs

Discount Mags offers 3-Year Subscription to Parents Magazine (36 Issues) for $6 or 4-Year (48 Issues) for $8 when you enter code 4719 at checkout. Thanks yuugotserved
They also have 2-Year Family Fun Magazine Subscription (20 Issues) for $6 or 3-Year (30 Issues) for $9 when you enter code 3217 at checkout.
Alternatively, Tanga has 3-Year Subscription to Parents Magazine (36 Issues) for $6 when you enter code PARENTS at checkout.

Monday, September 20, 2010

 JC Penney offers $10 off $10 when you enter code GO4TEN at checkout. The coupon may be used on Clearance items as well as regularly-priced items. All Shoes qualify for free shipping. If you are not purchasing shoes, shipping starts at $4.50 (ship to store) or $5.95 (ship to home).  go to JC Penney

Eating Out for Less

I recently saw a debate of sorts on facebook as to whether was a legitimate site. Let me assure you, it is a WONDERFUL resource for saving money to eat out. I have used the site time and again and have never experienced any troubles. Currently there is a promotional code to enter at check out to get 80% off your certificate. The code is SHARE. Your $10 cost for your certificate will drop to $2! Woot!
I also try to remember to check out the zip code of the area we are headed to for a vacation or getaway to make our vacation money go further. Great way to try out local restaurants we wouldn't usually be able to afford.

Too much to handle

Just last week I had another moment where things were most certainly "too much". As I hurriedly attempted to make it to one daughter's tennis match I discovered that the van lift had stopped working. Now understand, just a few hours earlier I had one of the girl's brand new power chairs repaired. At this point both girls were trapped inside in their 250 pound power chairs. I may come from "farmer stock", but this is NOT something I could lift down.
As I banged both hands on the lift yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!" in my best theatrical voice, my dear home health aid tried to soothe me saying, "you know what they say about not being given more than you can handle....". Poor thing. She had no idea what a pet peeve that misquote has become to me. So I decided to let her know!


Here is an adorable site that will be a great resource for moms and educators alike!
The fun perk is that they are giving up to 4 packs of  "icky bands" (think silly bands in germ like forms) for free. Remember to change the number of packs to 4 if you want them.
I'll admit, I originally scoffed at the silly bands a year ago...and then I discovered what a great way they are for the twins to meet new friends. Time and again children will approach them to see what bands are on their wheelchair arms. If I keep them well supplied with bands they are eager to share them with children who approach them--adorable!
click here to order free bands

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great sale on board games

Great board game sale at Toys R Us this week! Combine this $4 off coupon with the buy 2 get 1 free sale for a fantastic deal on board games! Start holiday shopping now to avoid the long lines and traffic around the mall!
Remember to click on the back button twice after you hit "print this coupon" to score a second printing of the coupon since this is a Bricks coupon.

$ 4 off board game coupon

Have you Swaggered lately?

A really easy way to earn some extra spending money is to change your search engine to Swagbucks. Once you have signed up it is handy to add the Swagbucks tool bar for searches. Many make Swagbucks their homepage. Just continue to search the net as usual and you will begin to receive fun random winnings of swagbucks. Most people convert their swagbucks points to gift cards for among other prizes. I began searching through Swagbucks just this past spring and easily accumulated over $6o in my Amazon account. It has been great having that money sitting in an Amazon account for sudden deals on magazine subscriptions, quick online shopping purchases, a required summer reading book, and other purchases. It can even be used for the shipping costs! I love not needing to run for the credit card to make those purchases while sitting comfortably on the couch.
Once you become a savvy Swagger you will find there are plenty of other ways to add to your swagbucks account. Enjoy!