Saturday, October 9, 2010

Printable coupons from Betty Crocker

Here is another opportunity to print coupons as well as receive recipes in you in box. Remember my advice on creating a new/free email address just for these sorts of things.
link to Betty Crocker here

Printable Coupons and recipes is a good resource for coupons and recipes.
Click Here to sign up for coupon access and email updates.

send a free box of kleenex

Once you feel the softness of a Kleenex® tissue, you'll want to share it with someone you care about. This winter, we're making it easier than ever to share the softness of Kleenex® Tissue.
Kleenex is letting you send one box of tissues to someone for free... I sent mine to my husband! ;)
Click below to send yours:
free tissue link

headed to the mall?

Here's a printable coupon for $15 off your purchase of $30 at the Limited!
printable coupon here

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cheese Nips

Apparently most Wal Marts have Cheese Nips on mark down for $1 a box.
Combine this with a printable coupon from and you will be snacking on them for
$.50 a box. Tomato soup and crackers anyone?

You Gotta LOL

Has it been a loong Friday? already?
This is just for fun--thanks to Kraft!
Here are some fun videos we can all relate to!
I have seen this lady before on TV, she always makes me laugh!
"If I am a Plus Woman, then I guess that makes the supermodels a Minus" hee hee!
Enjoy them for yourself....
watch videos here...

Another Coupon Code

Right now you can get 80% off your certificate by using trestaurant .come promo code ENJOY.
Click here to link to the site.

Yankee Candle online deal...potential teacher gifts?

Yankee Candle is having a Mix & Match Sale for Columbus Day!  Buy 3 small jar candles, electric fragrancer bases, and tea lights for just $15.

Match this sale up with the $10 off $25 coupon code YBLPG5 for a great deal.  Buy 7 candles and apply code CRM010B for $15 off $35 and get them for $20 for 7 candles. Shipping is just $5.

Buy 5 Items for $25
Use the $10/25 code
Pay $5 Shipping
Final Price:  $20

free candy from Rite Aid...working Thursday, let's see what happens today...

I know I am to meet friends today at 9am, but I may just have to stop in at Rite Aid to try this out first...!
Rite Aid:
This week there is a $1 +Up on 2 “Non Chocolate Lay Down Bags of Candy”
Apparently there is also a $2 +Up printing for these bags.  Now this is not advertised and may or may not work.  I would imagine the shelves will be empty very soon or Rite Aid will correct the issue.  In the meantime, it looks like the following candy is generating the extra +Up:
skittles, starburst, lifesavers, sour patch, swedish fish, bassett’s allsorts, blow pops, tootsie, airheads, dum dums, goatze’s, jolly ranchers, or starck (reg $2.79-$3.59)
So if you buy 2 bags of candy, you should get (2) $2 +Up and one $1/2 +Up – which makes it free after +Up!!

Use your Rite Aid card! I am also going to buy 5 at a time for $25 so that I can use this
Printable Coupon for $5 off $25 so that I could make money off this deal!! Let me know how you do if you try it also!

Gander Mountain

I have never used this site....have you??
Looks like some pretty good deals and FREE SHIPPING! (yeah!)
Here is a TOTE BAG, started at almost 25 dollars and now it is about 5 dollars.
V-nect T shirts are ringing up at the same here for shirts.

If you continue to look around in the "outlet" page you can find more steals like this men's turtleneck for $2.99.
I'd love to hear how this works out for anyone who decides to try the site!

Free decor from CVS

Make sure to scan your CVS card at the coupon machine each time you enter the fact scan it multiple times until it stops spitting out coupons! There are some great coupons printing from the Magic Coupon Machine...such as a $5 off Halloween Costumes, Accessories or Decor (One Day Coupon). It's even being reported that you may get more than one if you scan your card daily. This coupon can be used to get lots of FREE Halloween items.  I have gotten two: the first time I got a mega pack of glow sticks (to be used at my convenience) and treat bags and today I picked up a rustic fall pumpkin that I can use thru Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free sample of Green Mountain coffee/Facebook


Green Mountain is sending out free samples if you "like" them on Facebook:

We’ve traded-out, and you can, too!

October is Fair Trade Month and to celebrate Green Mountain Coffee’s giving away 2,500 samples a week* of our newly traded-out coffees: Our Blend and Vermont Country Blend® now carry the Fair Trade Certified™ label!
Sign up below to receive your free sample of Fair Trade coffee and make October the month when you start a personal Fair Trade-Out of your daily brew.

There is even a choice..."Would you prefer your free Fair Trade Coffee Sample to be in K-Cup® Portion Packs (for Keurig® Brewers) or ground coffee for conventional coffee makers? "

Facebook link

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organic printable coupons

I know some of you are loyal shoppers of organic products. I also know they add up pretty quickly at the register!
Here is a link to Mambo Sprouts printable coupons:
printable coupon link
Hope they make for some good deals!

Free Candy at Rite Aid

This week at Rite Aid,
The large size bags of Skittles & Starburst are on sale 2/$5, and you get a $1 +Up rewards when you buy 2.  BUT WAIT, they are producing  (2) $2 +UP club chocolate rewards (can be used on anything)!! Making them FREE after all +UP rewards.  It has also been reported that people have had success buying up to 4 bags and still getting all the +UPs. 
Make sure you have their rewards card for the +UPs.
Need information on the how to's for Rite Aid? Click on the Getting Started tab at the top of the page and check out the link to Rite Aid.

Another great movie ticket deal...

TIPPR is offering 4 movie tickets for $20....

but, you will get a bonus of $5 upon sign up that you can take from the price right away, making it ONLY $15 for 4 Movie tickets- that’s just $3.50 each!!
to sign up, click link below and then search under Atlanta to find the movie ticket purchase.
Click Here
Oh, and the movie tickets are redeemable through Weekly Cinema which covers 98% of the movie theaters in the US! Search online to find which of your theaters are on the list.

Big Lots printable coupon

Planning to do some gift/household shopping this weekend? Here is a Printable Big Lots Coupon to take along for 20% off your order.
Don't even try to take my older girls there, though. They would rather join the circus.

Burt's Bees

I love Burt's Bees products! One of the few brands that doesn't bother my allergies. This looks like a pretty good deal:

Grab Bag

Burt’s Bees Grab Bags are back in limited supply!

How it Works

We have extra inventory that we need to clear out before the holidays. This great offer makes it easy to start Fall off right!
Our Grab Bag is perfect for sampling, traveling or gifting to someone special. Order now and get four Burt’s Bees full-sized products including 3 lip balms and many of our favorites in travel-size. You’ll receive more than 15 Burt’s Bees items, including our polka dot cosmetics bag, replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil and much more.
This assortment of Burt’s Bees natural products is $20, 60% off their retail value. Treat yourself or others in your life this Fall.

Featured Ingredient

Beeswax — A natural wax made by bees in the cell walls of honeycombs, this substance is a natural emulsifier used in cosmetics.
  • Items may vary. All sales final. All items are sold as is and some may have slight packaging/label related scratches. No returns or replacements.

Burt's Bees offers their Grab Bag with 15 items including 4 full-size products and Polka-Dot Cosmetic Bag for $20 with free shipping when you enter code fallbag at checkout.

Order over $35, automatically receives Got to Have It Keychain:

If you also purchase Natural Toothpaste: Whitening w/ Fluoride + Bonus Beeswax Lip Balm for $5, you will qualify for a a Free Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion (2.5 oz) when you enter code MILK10 at checkout.
click here to link to Burts Bees

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coldwater Creek Sale

Coldwater Creek has this pleated scarf for $4.99 and there is free shipping. Make the deal better and use
code WHH4809 to save an additional 25% bringing your total down to $3.75! There are several colors to choose from!
click below for...
Coldwater Creek link

Printable Office Depot coupon

Office Depot offering $10 off $25 Coupon
The coupon is good through 10/16/10.
If you have a Staples store that is in competition with Office Depot, they may accept the coupon

Click below to print the coupon:
Office Depot Coupon

MSG...the best "preservative" for me

Ok, I am not talking about reading food labels. I am referring to the Mom's Support Group that I enjoy about once a month. We are a group of women who are moms to special children, some of which have special needs. I am so grateful for this group of women who show up, in more ways than one. We are sponsored by our local Joni and Friends.  If you are not in the suburban Philadelphia area and you are a parent of a child with special needs then I suggest you check your local special needs organizations to see if there is an organized group/ We moms )and caregivers need the support and camaraderie of each other. Many of the information I sought over the years was gained through the wisdom of other moms!  If you are unable to find an existing group, then let me encourage you to begin one. I am fortunate that I have other women willing to work together on this project. Makes  me think of the PA Dutch saying "many hands make light work". While I host the group in my home, another member leads the morning discussion, and still another takes charge of the emails and communication. I am eager to gather together tomorrow morning!

I am anxiously awaiting Friday when we head off for a time of retreat together. I know the time away will be a refreshing opportunity to laugh and share as women. I hope for some extra rest, prayer time, and stress relief as well.  A little bit of coffee and chocolate would be nice, too! 
If you are in the area and this sounds like a group for you, you can connect with us through joni and friends greater Philadelphia....we'd love to have you!


Ever notice when you join a new "group" there seems to be a whole new list of acronyms to understand?
This happens in church, school, clubs and so on.
Here is a handy list of acronyms most commonly used in the health and disability area. I know I could have used this as a cheat sheet more than once!
click here for:
web page of acronyms vitamin deal has their Nature's Choice items buy1 get1 free!
As long as you have $25 BEFORE discount, shipping is free.
You should be able to use the GROUPON certificate if you bought that last week.
You do not need a promo code- just head over to SOAP.COM and the second item should come right off in your cart.

free shipping and good sales on is offering free shipping on any size order right now with the promotional code FREESHIP or MAGIC. There are some good sales, this baby outfit is 3.99.  Go to the Sale tab and then set it to sort from low to high cost.
click here to go to

vista print

Vista print has at least 10 free items right now, including business cards. You do have to pay for shipping, though. I have used this site twice and have been happy. Click on their link and then click on "free items" in left hand margin.

go to vista here

Monday, October 4, 2010

dynaVox Speech on Facebook

DynaVox Speech and Communication Devices

"Like" Dynavox on Facebook to be entered in another appears that they do MANY giveaways!
click here:
To celebrate our wonderful Facebook community, we're going to be giving away a copy of our new Boardmaker Studio! At noon EST time tomorrow, we'll select one winner via random number drawing of our 15,000+ friends. Everyone that "likes" us is entered to win. Good luck and check back tomorrow after 12 pm EST to see who won.

Historic Strasburg Inn deal of the Day

I haven't stayed here in years! Has anyone recently stayed at this hotel? How is it? Mixed reviews on Tripadvisor.
click here:
strasburg deal

$49.99 For 1 Room Night and 2 Buy One, Get One Weekend Room Nights (+Bonus)

Historic Strasburg Inn
$49.99 For 1 Room Night and 2 Buy One, Get One Weekend Room Nights (+Bonus)
Buy For $49.99
Hurry – quantity is limited!
Retail Value $500 × Discount 90% = Save Up To $450
Be the first one!
0 needed
to get the deal
Only 100 Remaining Hurry!
Quantity is limited!

Free bottle of Advil

First 500,000 to get a coupon for a free bottle of Advil...hurry if you want yours.
Click here to sign up for free Advil coupon

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This month's printable

There are some great coupons to print on this month....

$5.00 off On Any Evenflo Car Seat
$0.75 off Hamburger Helper
$1.50 off Wanchai Ferry™ Frozen EntrĂ©e
$0.75 off Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit
$0.75 off Restaurant Favorites Dinner Kit
$1.00 off Yoplait Frozen Smoothie
$1.00 off Good Earth™ Restaurant Favorites
$0.50 off Progresso Product
$1.50 off Slim-Fast Snack Bars or Meal Bars
$1.00 off General Mills cereals
$0.65 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
$1.00 off Pillsbury Cookie Dough
$1.00 off Pillsbury Holiday Cookies
$1.00 off Pillsbury Sweet Moments™
$1.00 off Pillsbury Savorings
$0.50 off Pillsbury Simply...™ Buttermilk Biscuit
$0.50 off Pillsbury Simply...™ French Bread
$0.55 off Pillsbury simply...™ Cookie Dough
$0.50 off Nature Valley Granola Bars
$0.50 off Nature Valley Granola Thins
$0.50 off Fiber One Chewy Bars
$0.50 off Chex Mix
$0.50 off Bugles snack
$0.50 off Gardetto's Snack Mix
$0.40 off Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
$0.50 off Betty Crocker Box Muffin Mix
$0.30 off Yoplait Greek Yogurt
$0.50 off YoPlus Yogurt 4-pack
$0.75 off Yoplait products
$0.50 off Yoplait Kids Yogurt
$0.75 off Muir Glen product
$0.40 off Yoplait Core Cup Yogurt
$0.50 off Yoplait Delights™ Yogurt
$0.50 off Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt
$0.55 off Fiber One Toaster Pastries
$0.75 off Cheerios Cereal
$0.40 off Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads
$0.50 off Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
$0.30 off Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits
$0.75 off Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits
$0.40 off Pillsbury Grands! Rolls
$0.50 off Pillsbury Pie Crust
$1.00 off on any Reach Floss
$0.50 off 1 Fleischmann's Pizza Crust Yeast Strip
$2.00 off any L'Oreal Paris Revitalift
$1.50 off TWO HUGGIES Baby Wipes
Print them here