Friday, May 6, 2011

Respite for those in the Philadelphia area....

ACE Resort and Conference Center
Thanks, Candy, for sharing this resource:
We had our JAF Mom's Support Group on Wednesday, and once again I learned a lot! (Some things I won't repeat, right ladies? ;-D ) I would like to learn more FIRST HAND about this lovely looking place of respite for caregivers! The website, Nancy's House, has this to say:
We are dedicated to caring for caregivers. At Nancy’s House, you will have 2 undisturbed nights of sleep and all your meals provided in a beautiful and serene setting. We also provide massage therapy, support groups, classes in meditation, yoga, and stress management techniques. Break the cycle of exhaustion and isolation We are here to take care of you and to help you take better care of yourself.

If you are someone who visit's Nancy's House please report back and share what the experience was like!
Find the website HERE.

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