Sunday, May 8, 2011

sale on adapted computer games!

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This site has computer games that can be adapted and they are running a SALE!
Save up to 90% - until 14th May 2011
From only US$8.90 (usually US$89.00).
Thanks, Trish!!

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Nanogames has adapted 30 fun games (arcade games, memory games, logic games and puzzle games). These interactive games are extremely flexible and accessible.
Using the standard settings, all Nanogames will play like typical computer games. Experienced gamers will be able to play them comfortably. But, unlike most computer games, Nanogames are extremely flexible and if the player needs to use alternative controllers or for the games to be much slower or easier to play then Nanogames can do that too - easily.

◦Adjust the speed of all games with just one control or adjust games individually

◦Game speeds can be reduced by up to 90%

◦Time limits can be increased by up to 1500%

◦Easily simplify the games to reduce their complexity

◦Large game objects - ideal for use with Touch Screens, Tablet Computers and for players with Low Vision

◦Edit the game menu, present the player with one game, several games or all 30 games

◦Built-in Single switch Scanning

◦Easily used with Touchscreens, Speech Recognition, Headmouse and other alternative access.


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