Monday, August 29, 2011

Attempt at advice for accessible vans....

...I recently received a question about buying an accessible van. Pretty common struggle, right?
I know we did tons of research and, in the end, just had to take a loan and get one. I want to post what information I had, and ask if anyone else has more advice or experience on this topic. Sooo frustrating!

Dear Friend,

The issue of wheelchair vans is HUGE! It seems so wrong, but there is basically nothing as far as help with that! We looked and looked and looked. Even the "make a wish" type of places will not cover vans. 
We ended up taking a low interest loan through the PA disability/technology people at PATF here:  

Then we asked others how they got their vans...we looked at EBAY, too. 
We ended up getting ours from a dealer in New Holland PA, they only get in lightly used vans...we waited for the right one and then took it to Van Converstions to change it.
I think this may be the place, not sure, Kevin could verify if interested:

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People buy from then, as well, but we wanted a used van that was like new, so we went to New Holland then took it to Norristown.

Also, some people let area disability ministries know if they are selling or looking to buy a used wheelchair van and then they connect them. We love Joni and Friends disability ministry.

We are trying to get the girls new stroller wheelchairs as back up, but the insurance no longer covers it. We are trying to go thru the Kelly Anne Dolan Fund, which needs a medical person to nominate you. I don't know if they would do vans, but if there is another financial burden they could go for that and then use the saved money towards a van? I heard that someone had a few mortgage payments made through this:
Let me know how they do!

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