Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If I were planning a wedding/party I would be allll over this deal....just sayin'.

$19 for 10 Magical Flying Sky Lanterns ($59 value)

Ever since "Tangled" I  have been obsessed with these...right Alyssa?
$19 for 10 Magical Flying Sky Lanterns ($59 value) 

Want to light up the night sky at your next party? Today's deal for 10 sky lanterns will do the trick. Perfect for any outdoor celebration, these paper lanterns contain a fuel cell that, when lit, causes the lanterns to rise into the air. Also known as sky candles or fire balloons, these bright, colorful lanterns soar for up to 20 minutes and go a mile in the air. When the fuel cell runs out, the flame is extinguished and the lantern falls back to the ground. Made with biodegradable materials, these lanterns are common in a variety of Asian festivals and are increasingly popular at weddings and other outdoor celebrations.

Find it HERE on TIPPR

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