Friday, April 6, 2012

Simplifying the process of dyeing eggs...helpful ideas for children with special needs.

Flashback ten years ago and I am in the kitchen with a 9, 6, and two 2 year olds dyeing eggs...and the kitchen...and each other. I'd always think "this is the LAST year we do this". And yet here I am, still dyeing eggs.  Only now there are just two children coloring the eggs and I have 19 years of egg dyeing experience under my apron. (AND access to all the ideas found on "pinterest"!)

As you may imagine, having twins who have cerebral palsy can complicate the egg dyeing process.  I finally felt like I had the deal mostly under control this year. I recognize that may be partly due to having half the amount of children immersed in food coloring, a home health aid by their sides, and no one under the age of twelve present, but indulge me and allow me to feel like something in this crazy life was under control.

First thing we did was skip the temptation to go with one of those cute looking kits. I went back to the "retro" method of food coloring in vinegar/water and poured it into VERY STURDY BOWLS. (No more tipped over cups happening here) We also slipped the egg into a WIRE WHISK which allowed for much more control and kept the fingers out of the dye. It worked fabulously! 
We could have ended the experience right here and felt satisfied with our results. But with things going so well (and so much "pinterest" yet so little time) we decided to move on to another step. I have always used my
MUFFIN TINS to dry our eggs, so we followed tradition and set them aside to have some lunch:

When we returned we added more food coloring in varying shades to the already mixed colors and then an additional tablespoon of olive oil.  Okay, so maybe this part was a little more messy.

The eggs were put back into the bowls, wiped off with paper towels and stacked on a CUPCAKE STAND to admire our beautiful,  marbled, shiny creations!

The results are in: a good time was had by all. EVEN Momma!


  1. Great photos,great ideas, great family and great looking eggs! Looks like a great success! The eggs are really pretty! i don't know the oil trick! LOVE the wisk idea!!!!! I think you have many years of egg dying ahead of you!- Sybrina

  2. Great tips Teresa - I may even start to dye eggs again!

  3. hi I found this very interesting and thought it was a great idea I have cerebral palsy myself and blog about life with it at I hope you will stop by and say hello