Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding vaca condos on a budget...

I have mentioned before that I check the deals at Skyauction.com.  Just a little head's up that I am noticing some of the locations heavy with timeshares are starting to auction their condos with summer vacancies. WOOHOO! I have scored some great savings at Williamburg VA in the past. Other common locations are Hilton Head, Massanutten in VA, Branson, and so on. A few tips if you decide to check it out:

Watch the site for a while so you get a feel for it. Many of the venues come back around often, so don't fret if you missed out.

Take note of the FEES and the TAXES that are going to be added to the final cost. If you are not sure if you will end up with a good deal after that, Google the venue and see what it is going for. I like checking out the opinions on Tripadvisor.com as well!

Take note of the dates it is being offered for. If you are looking for a July vacation and it is offered for October you will be disappointed and out money if you bid and win. Note how many it sleeps as well. (Although sometimes it ends up cheaper for me to get two rooms that sleep less on skyauction than one big suite elsewhere.)

Sign up with a handle and password that is easy to remember. I recently got my bidding privileges put on hold because I had several accounts...oops. I am a bit absent minded and kept starting new accounts. It was rectified, but I missed a hotel I went to bid on. 

Once you are signed in and ready to bid, hold back. I jot a reminder of when the bid will end and then log in and prepare to bid about 20 minutes ahead of time. If you start bidding in advance, you will just get bid up by others...why raise your final price? Just pay attention once it gets down to the end of the bid time.

Enjoy! Let me know if you win a bid and where you are headed!

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