Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just printed a "Cheeburger Cheeburger" free kid's meal coupon....

And I thought it may be time for a reminder:
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Great coupons...

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Don't miss the toothbrush and floss coupons which will most likely score you some free products.
You are going to want the cereal coupons if you are headed to Giant this week...$4 off 4 boxes and Free milk!

Pillsbury has some great printable coupons also...Find them HERE!

Sharpies 12 pack for $3!

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Friday, January 6, 2012 coupon Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125
Headed out for pizza with the family later, taking the coupon I printed with this to pretty much double our money!

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Blue Bunny
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Did you see Target's add this week?

No, I am not taking about any fantastic deals or freebies,
target ad down syndrome model kid child
They quietly included a little boy with Downs as one of their models...pretty cool!
"They said that companies don’t have to call attention to the fact that they choose to be inclusive in order for people to notice their support for people with disabilities.  In fact, by notmaking a big deal out of it they are doing a better job of showing their support for the special needs community."
Read more HERE

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Special Needs story hour....

For those of you with "little guys", the North Wales library is now offering a monthly special needs story time. Here are the details:

Special Needs Story Time
North Wales Area Library (215) 699-5410
233 S. Swartley Street, North Wales, PA 19454

When: Second Tuesday of each month at 10 AM
(Kick off date is January 10).

What: Stories & music geared toward children ages 2-6 in a sensory friendly & flexible learning environment.

Who: Children with special needs (all ages) and their caregivers are invited to attend. Siblings and therapists are also welcome.

Where: Library Community Room*
*Enter through door to the right of the main library entrance, the community room is down the hall on the right. North Wales Area Library is wheelchair accessible.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I need Round Up...

Matthew 13:7 NLT
Other seeds fell among thorns that shot up and choked out the tender blades.

So it seems I have been misreading that last word. It could be mistaken for "babes", right? 
There are reasons that I have a degree in early childhood and elementary education. Just a few years back I was drawn to lead Mommy and Me music classes, not just for the little ones, but because I love being around their young mommies.  I also have very fond memories of helping to lead a young adult church group not so long ago. I genuinely love these groups of people and desire that they grow to love the Lord and not be lost. not even one. not ever.  But here's the thing...
I have this habit of seeing the thorny weeds and desperately trying to pluck them out.
At I read:
Pulling Weed Clipart

What do weeds do? They choke, entangle, and steal. They hinder fruit from maturing. They may not necessarily stop growth, but they can slow it down to the point that fruit never ripens. The spiritual parallels are evident.
(Read more:HERE)

This is such a scary thought to me. Then, in my misguided attempt to stop the weeds among the "tender blades"/babes, I start snatching at them to pull them out.
I trespass.

A synonym for trespass is intrude:
to thrust oneself into the presence of a person or into places or circumstances where one is not welcome.
Well, that could explain why I sometimes feel like I am staring down a barrel hearing "trespassers will be prosecuted".
"No trespassing" sign posted on an iron security gate

I was lamenting this feeling to my husband.  After a lengthy discussion he basically led me back to something I had known all along. It can be stated like this:

 In Matthew 13:22-23, the only difference between the seed sown among weeds and the seed sown on good soil is in the action of the hearer.

Obviously I have my own garden to weed and need to get out of anyone else's.  It's just not my job. I have been reading up on lawn care and found this advice:
In other words, I have my own work to do and I need to leave you to your own. If I have trespassed on your soil, please accept my apologies, and know that it happened because I care so much for you. In the meantime I will be praying my heart out for you, please pray for me too.

We live across the street from township park property. Every spring it becomes a brilliant shade of...yellow. Dandelions take over in no time flat. Not my land, not my job, not my problem. But before long it becomes my problem. In all honesty, we are NOT the neighborhood green thumbs and don't put anywhere near the effort into our lawn as many of our friends do. Let's just say we are a little over extended around here. Anyway, our next door neighbors have a GORGEOUS lawn and it always sickens me to know that the weeds will blow over to our lawn and then sneakily add to our neighbor's to-do list as he battles against them.  

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Keeping my eye out for these again this year...

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Monday, January 2, 2012

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