Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have you signed up for Vocalpoint?

Vocalpoint is a free online community where you can offer opinions, take surveys, sign up for samples and coupons and read for information as much or as little as you care to. 

currently there are high value coupons for Iced coffee:

About New International Delight Iced Coffee
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And an offer from Tampax for free samples: 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Local Jumpin' Jacks fans...Sensory Bounce!

 This is the perfect event for children with autism, sensitivity to lights and loud/sudden noises or a sensory processing disorder. To lessen the chance of over-stimulation, normal overhead lighting will be used, music and flashing floor lights will be off and staff will not utilize whistles. Jumpin Jack’s understands the needs of children who will attend this event.

More info HERE
 Jack’s Sensory Bounce will be held on the second Thursday of each month 
thereafter at the same time.Only $9.00 per child!

Apps for special needs

The best iPad apps for special needs kids
The Washington Post online published an article suggesting a list of "best apps for special needs". Every day there are more and more apps to weed out, so I appreciate any list that someone has already done some homework for me!  Find the article and list HERE

Do you have an app that has worked great for your needs to share? has another free code!

I am wondering if I will need to ever 
buy another card?!
You are my person Mothers Day Holiday Card

Use Code LUVMOM for a free mother's day card 
with FREE shipping! I already had my cards from
 previous offers, so I chose a more neutral card
 and edited with a "blank" inside so I can use 
it however I'd like! These have been really nice
 cards! Don't miss them HERE

Free sandwich box featuring child's artwork

This looked fun, so I gave it a try! Neat way to save a special piece of artwork from this school year!
Find a link to print a Rudi's organic bread coupon HERE

Upload artwork from you or your little Picasso and receive a FREE custom Sandwich Box featuring it. Your artwork will also be entered in our Rudi’s Sandwich Box Contest Gallery. The masterpiece that gets the most fan votes starting July 1 will become the Official Rudi’s Sandwich Box.

free floss...

Special offer

Don't miss out on printing (twice!) this Reach coupon for $1 off floss or a brush. Many places have these on sale for $1, you can find the floss at Walmart for that at regular everyday price. Just in time for us as my daughter, the compulsive flosser, returns home from college.....
Find it HERE

Pain med coupon...

My head and back are crazy achy this week, so I am hoping to score this free at Giant tomorrow with the half price sale!

Head Here to print your $2 coupon, go back and print it a second time because it is a Brick's coupon and it will allow for two prints!

Daughters featured in Kid's Korner blog post...

So much fun to see something the girls struggled struggled through turned into a blessing. Reminded me again of how God takes things intended for bad and uses them for His good!
Find the post HERE on Joni and Friends blog.

Redefining the computer crashing.....

I'm back. Sorry if you missed me, sorrier if you didn't...

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My computer crashed...literally. Fell to the ground. Ciara had gotten a large touch screen computer through Dream Come True and it has been really nice for us to use as well. It sits on top of the desk they gave her. I promise I didn't push it, I just sat at the desk and down it went. It cracked. I figured we were in for a lengthy wait and a pricey bill for it to be fixed. As of tonight, my husband is an amazing computer repairman. I don't know how he did it, but here it is, back together and running. The thing about times like this is that I can't do a single thing to be helpful and he can decide when he's got a few minutes to take a look and bang it out. It is always a test of patience for me. Most things are.

I often wonder how people decide, in this day and age of "how to_____" on youtube and Google, when they are going to tackle jobs themselves and when they are going to spend the money to get the job done. I could get so many things done on my list if I could just make a call and pay a bill for someone with the right abilities to just go to it. Few people can live by that plan these days, at least I imagine we are not alone.

animated,animations,broken,broken computer,computer repairs,computer technicians,computers,CPUs,IT,men,occupations,persons,repairs,shaking,technicians,web animationsSo how do you decide when to use your own elbow grease and when to dial for help and pay for the service? I'd love to hear from your experience!

For now, Dear Husband is my hero!