Friday, July 13, 2012

After camp...Call me, maybe?

I mentioned how much fun we have at JAF camp! I promised a friend that I would share this video from Facebook with her...and honestly, I don't know how to do this without "embedding" it on my blog. So, sorry for the unusual post! HA!
(Poor, Lyss, I made her throw it together the night before...and she had lost her voice due to a cold that week! Still, she pulled it off!)

Siblings and Special Needs, part 3....

Soon after I began this little series of posts (Find part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE) I began to think that the whole idea of it was ridiculous! I mean, after all, we are just ONE family with disabilities. Each family is so different: type of disabilities, ages of children, number of children, single parent, support system and so on! It would make so much more sense to hold this in my living room and collect ideas from each other for what has and hasn't worked in other households in hopes of gleaning something new! (anyone savvy in how to set up one of those "webinars" where we all discuss a topic online while our children run rampant in the background??) So I am continuing on with this topic about a month after my last posting with the disclaimer that we haven't gotten it "right". We made, and continue to make, mistakes that need apologizing grateful that God's grace covers that!  And I continue to suggest that my daughters compose their rebuttal to these posts and let us know how they feel about being "siblings"!

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Access Pass
I am sure that our sibling children feel their own sense of loss over events and occasions that don't turn out how they were hoping...and have even refused to allow themselves to hope for some things, to avoid disappointment.  Each of us are confronted with grieving things just when we think we had settled into our so-called "new normal". In order to refuse to allow this to bring us down, we need to try to positively re-direct our plans. Yes, we acknowledge that there is not going to be a back-packing family vacation in our plans, but lets find opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be there if we weren't affected by disability. Sounds a bit twisted, but it is very real! There are many organizations who's mission is to brighten up your ALLOW them (and your family) that blessing!  It is humbling for us as grown-ups to see ourselves on the receiving end of charity...being humble is not a bad thing. (remind yourself that you can now, and even more so in the future, "pay it forward")

When you are planning these outings remind your whole family that this special day occurred BECAUSE other's recognize that your family needs a break from the difficulties in your daily routine. Let the siblings know that they can participate because they are a vital part of the family's ongoing journey with disability. This time there is an opportunity to DO something because of the disability rather than MISS something because of it.

Some of our favorite special outings have included:

Special Needs Trusts...

This is a topic that seems to come up often among friends! I found this interesting bit of info on the KenCrest Website:

Securet Pooled Special Needs Trust allows people with disabilities to set aside funds for extra, quality-of-life needs without jeopardizingSupplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits or services. Legal settlements, inheritances, and gifts may affect your benefits if they cause you to exceed the cap for countable assets. 

Find the rest of the article HERE

Has anyone had any experience with this idea?

Friday only!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free golf for daughters until July 15!

Head here for information on  courses that offer a free greens fee to young women accompanied by a paying adult during the week and host at least one free clinic. Many courses will offer additional special promotions. Contact your local participating course to find out what they will be offering. Use this opportunity to take your daughter, granddaughter, or niece to your local course and introduce her to your favorite pastime.

I was surprised at the number of courses participating!

Franconia Heritage Groupon!

Wow! Here's an interesting Groupon I didn't expect to see! Find it under the Philadelphia Area for Groupon HERE!

Be sure to read through the details and rules before you purchase.
GREAT deal for a family of 4!
You could give this as a gift, as well!!!

  • $12 for a dinner buffet for two on Tuesday–Thursday (a $25.98 value)
  • $22 for a dinner buffet for four on Tuesday–Thursday (a $51.96 value)
  • $12 for a breakfast buffet for two on Saturday and Sunday (a $27.98 value)
  • $22 for a breakfast buffet for four on Saturday and Sunday (a $55.96 value)
  • $20 for a prime rib dinner buffet for two on Friday and Saturday (a $43.98 value)
  • $35 for a prime rib dinner buffet for four on Friday and Saturday (an $87.96 value)

Interesting area Groupon:

Anyone ever do these area tours??
Find more info from Allentown Deals at Groupon HERE

  • $7 for a historic-site passport for one (a $15 value)
  • $12 for a historic-site passport for a family of four (a $25 value)

Encompassing 15 historic sites, Historic Germantown: Freedom's Backyard preserves the rich history of the region with regular events, tours, and all-inclusive passes to their attractions. From the home of the 1777 Battle of Germantown to the first Mennonite settlement in America, the sites give visitors an opportunity to relive history and wear powdered wigs in public. Multiple museums house relics and paraphernalia from the beginning of the country through World War II. Events such asGermantown Works highlight the region's work ethic, and summer camps celebrate the annual tradition of having summer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

iPad accessibiblity

As much as we love the girls' iPads, I admit I have never really looked into Apple's commitment to accessibility!  There are some REALLY good links and info on their pages HERE and HERE.

I also came across a wonderful post HERE which really simplifies, in plain old English, some great assistance to change the settings specifically for your child! Whew! I think I just may attempt a few of them myself!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another free iced drink....

Wawa Logo

If you live in the Philly area, you will know what a "wawa" is....otherwise, you can just skip this info! ha!  Head here to enter your info and receive an emailed coupon for a free iced latte! YAY!

Children's Advil Coupon...

Available on Facebook HERE when you "like" them.
Profile Picture

Don't miss your free Chick Fil A meal this Friday!

Come dressed like a cow from head to hoof and we'll reward you with a FREE meal. (If you're a little chicken, don't worry, a partial costume still receives a FREE entrée.) And calves in costumes get FREE meals too; so bring in the whole herd for some family fun.
You can even find your costume kit to print HERE 

More info HERE

Giant has great gas deals this week!!!

Notice that the points are GREATER this week...300 points per section. With a 30 gallon tank that is $9!
Some of you with smaller tanks should be able to break even on a few of the items as well! If you are going to spend $100 to fill up your tank anyway, you may as well get some free items with it. Now, what to do with all this sparkling water and dark chocolate....?

Buy 5=$6.25: Get $9.00 off gas!
Other candy like the Chocolate Bars end up a good deal as well, even at $1.50         (5x1.50+$7.50: get $9.00 off gas!)

Celeste Flat bread sandwiches -$1.50, Buy 5=$7.50: Get $9.00 off gas!

GIANT brand waffles- Buy 5=$8.34: get  $9 off gas!
Buy 8=$7.04: Get $9.00 off gas!

(Don't miss the canned tomatoes(buy8) while you are at it...stock up for an even great deal!!!)

There are plenty of good deals on yogurt (buy 8) as well! You don't break even, but you get a cheap end price AND you can mix and match with the cheap items to break even!

They are limiting to 10 transaction per group of gas deals, still a lot of gas money to be had! You could get 80 items from the "buy 8" and 50 items from the "buy 5" section.

Another free drink this week....

Starbucks Refreshers Fruit Energy Drinks
Enjoy a free Tall (12 fl. oz.) handcrafted Starbucks Refreshers™ beverage at participating stores this Friday, July 13th, noon until 3pm. No purchase necessary. Limit 1 per person.

Don't forget your free Slurpee tomorrow!

Monday, July 9, 2012

AAA Membership – Online Deal

Groupon has this deal for NEW AAA members only. 

$33 for One-Year Basic Primary Membership from AAA Mid-Atlantic ($66 Value)


Find it HERE under Great Deals for Philadelphia!

Eat out on vacation for less!

Don't forget to use the zip code of your VACATION LOCATION
to find participating restaurants !! Great way to save when you're away!
(if you are not sure where you should eat, I like to check on for opinions/ratings and then find the best ones on

Free Slurpee day:

7-Eleven Day 
Stop by a participating 7-Eleven on July 11th, 2012  between 11am-7pm and grab your free Slurpee. Valid on size 7.11 oz.