Friday, February 22, 2013

Fellow monster van drivers....GAS POINTS!

I cannot believe how excited the return of gas points made me this week! Thanks, GIANT, I needed that!

It is a "buy 7 get 400 points" gas deal this week, and next, resulting in a $12 for a 30 gallon tank perk!  (or $6 for 15 gallons, $8 for 20 gallon)

There are 2 items that MADE money towards gas this week: the gatorade energy chews (out of stock, but happily gave rainchecks) that are $1 and UNADVERTISED Muller yogurts that are $1!
The yogurts have the deal hanging on their shelf...and they are awesome with mousse fruit topping on the yogurts!  So with either of the above items you get 7 for $7=400 points = $12 in gas money!!! That's $5 more than you spent!!

I had already done a few other deals, but when I discovered this yogurt deal I headed back out to Giant...remember, you are allowed to do 10 "deals" a that is 70 items on the list of gas points.

There are more in NEXT weeks add, too! WOOT! save space for oatmeal!!

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