Friday, May 31, 2013

Crocs clearance sale at

I JUST had a conversation with a technician (while getting "squished" of all things! ;-D ) about my favorite pair of summer sandals...they are her favorite "go to" pair also. (she looked down and noted them)  Both of us had them recommended to us by friends who needed arch support and were on their feet a lot. Her friend had a doctor suggest these as opposed to going bare foot:
Crocs - Patricia
She said they were the best $40 she ever spent. I told her to watch for crocs sales online...wish I had her email because I'd alert her to this! I just picked up another pair in a neutral color for $26 (and its always free shipping at!) I found the size to be accurate. 
There are MANY other styles, so I am grabbing a pair of flip flops for $15Crocs - Kadee Flip-Flop.

It's funny because as much as I dislike sneakers, I also dislike crocs...but these sandals are a whole other story! I have worn them all over for travel and shopping.
Find the selection HERE.

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