Friday, November 1, 2013

define success

Kevin rarely forwards the girls and I emails, but he did send us this link, and I have to say...I wish I had written it! Its short and sweet and includes this statement, which is the essence of how I feel about Candace and Ciara:

Success i
nvolves 1) knowing your purpose in life, 2) growing to your maximum potential, and 3) sowing seeds that benefit others. None of those activities requires having an IQ in the 99th percentile or being blessed with inborn leadership traits.

It also has a quote I have commissioned to my older girls at times:
The true test of relationships is not only how loyal someone is when we fail, but how thrilled they are when we succeed.

Find it here

I'm sure it initially jumped out at him because he could relate to the opening story...we almost ran out of gas in death valley (with 4 daughters in tow) 4 years ago. He thought "death valley" was a destination I planned, as opposed to something we had to drive through en-route to Lake Las Vegas. We can

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