Friday, February 22, 2013

Fellow monster van drivers....GAS POINTS!

I cannot believe how excited the return of gas points made me this week! Thanks, GIANT, I needed that!

It is a "buy 7 get 400 points" gas deal this week, and next, resulting in a $12 for a 30 gallon tank perk!  (or $6 for 15 gallons, $8 for 20 gallon)

There are 2 items that MADE money towards gas this week: the gatorade energy chews (out of stock, but happily gave rainchecks) that are $1 and UNADVERTISED Muller yogurts that are $1!
The yogurts have the deal hanging on their shelf...and they are awesome with mousse fruit topping on the yogurts!  So with either of the above items you get 7 for $7=400 points = $12 in gas money!!! That's $5 more than you spent!!

I had already done a few other deals, but when I discovered this yogurt deal I headed back out to Giant...remember, you are allowed to do 10 "deals" a that is 70 items on the list of gas points.

There are more in NEXT weeks add, too! WOOT! save space for oatmeal!!

Missing in Action

So sorry for the silence here! Our computer crashed and was sent over to a "computer hospital"...well a techy friend is more accurate.

My mom has some health issues and I have spent a great deal of time with her at doctors appointments, phone calls, the hospital, running know, the same thing we all do for our kids with special needs!  Interesting place in life to be--middle generation of caregiving. Guess that makes me the bologna in the "sandwich".

I am trying to get back into the swing of posting again, but from an iPad. Look out spelling errors headed your way....