Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gas points I grabbed this week at Giant

So, we are trying "the Daniel Plan" with a small group from church, which means I swallowed hard and passed by pop tarts as part of my gas points deal this week. Ha.

BUT, there are only about 6 weeks until a graduation party, so I decided no time like the present to stock up on drinks!

You need to buy 8 items for $.50 off a gallon...which is a return of $15.00 if you are filling 30 gallons.

I stocked up on some tradewinds tea (I figure I can enjoy some of the unsweetened variety myself) and veggie  chips:
8 x $2 = $16 , $1 out of pocket after gas fill up.

I also did a few more packs of the lemon flavored water for the picnic.
8 x $1.50. = $12.00,  $15.00 towards gas, so a money maker at fill up.

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