Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keep Right

Seems like we are always blaming our overwhelming busyness on something: the holidays, snow days and illness, spring and graduation, and so on. Yesterday I added a " quick trip" to a huge mall about 45 minutes from home because there is an Apple store there. Apparently one wheelchair footplate smashed into the backpack on the back of the other chair, crushing the iPad screen. We have an upcoming road trip and I determined I am NOT making the trip without both twins having their iPads for entertainment....and headphones. So I added the trip to my to do list. We're down a vehicle with one getting inspected, so I took my daughter's car. On the way there I realized I wasn't familiar with driving it and spent a lot of time in the right lane while others sped past...I felt like I was going faster than I was, but others cruising by encouraged me to try to get a move on! On the way back I hit Philadelphia/turnpike rush hour traffic. It became a game of "guess which lane is going to move faster" as I wanted to get home to make dInner. By the time I reached my exit, it became clear to me that, while we had times where I may have been ahead or fallen behind my land marked vehicles I was using to gauge my progress, we had all pretty much reached our destination together. I should have chilled out and not judged my progress with the others...I could have enjoyed the radio, the scenery, and spent time praying!

That night I found this Facebook Post by my friend, Amy. She summed it up so well!

"Doug has often likened our life with Brooke to traveling in the right lane. Most of our friends live their life in the left lane. I am almost always ok with this. However, there are certain days where I need a little more patience, a little more grace and today seems to be one of those days. We went grocery shopping and honest to goodness, at times I felt like we were moving backwards!! But, even today, I can still say, Life is good!! Slow, but good!!!"

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