Friday, March 28, 2014

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Time to redo our special needs trust

The last thing I want to do is plan our will. 
You may think I am dreading it due to its reminder that life is temporary. That's not it. You may think it is because it is an expense that messes with our budget and I see it as a possible vacation week out the window...but that's not it either. (although, now that I think of it, that is annoying!!) Mostly, I dread it because it makes my head spin. I am a visual or hands on learner. A whole lot of technical mumbo jumbo gives me an actual pain in my gut. I know that while we sit, and I attempt to look engaged, I will actually have eyes that glaze over, for which I will reprimand myself as I know this topic is crucial to the well being of our beloved kiddos!!

Fortunately I am married to someone who takes finances seriously. VERY seriously. I mean, he has me save EVERY receipt and bag them up by month...just in case. I just need to have the overall idea that a special needs trust is crucial to the girls' well being, and I mean ALL the girls' well being...both the typical and the ones with the disabilities. In general, I have come to understand the following:
If you want to leave money or property to a loved one with a disability, you must plan carefully. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your loved one's ability to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits. By setting up a "special needs trust" in your will, you can avoid some of these problems.
Owning a house, a car, furnishings, and normal personal effects does not affect eligibility for SSI or Medicaid. But other assets, including cash in the bank, will disqualify your loved one from benefits. For example, if you leave your loved one $10,000 in cash, that gift would disqualify your loved one from receiving SSI or Medicaid.A way around losing eligibility for SSI or Medicaid is to create what's called a special needs or supplemental needs trust. Then, instead of leaving property directly to your loved one, you leave it to the special needs trust.
You also choose someone to serve as trustee, who will have complete discretion over the trust property and will be in charge of spending money on your loved one's behalf. Because your loved one will have no control over the money, SSI and Medicaid administrators will ignore the trust property for program eligibility purposes. The trust ends when it is no longer needed -- commonly, at the beneficiary's death or when the trust funds have all been spent. Find more HERE.

Now that our oldest are 21 and 18...and our original appointed guardians have like-wise gotten older(sorry), we decided to redo our original document. This comes up in topic with our circle of friends/parents of a disabled child on occasion. You know, our mom's night out dinner conversations really must be unlike ANY others in a restaurant.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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GIANT GAS point deal this week, last few days before you miss it!

I confessed to have a ridiculous amount of gas savings, like over $7, to a friend on Sunday. Her response..."ok, spell it out for me this week. I want to get what you get." ha! So, here is my explanation once again:

My savings are calculated on a 30 gallon tank, which is the maximum amount allowed (Big Blue has a tank that size or the pick-up truck with an additional 5 gallons into the gas can). SO, when the savings are 400 points that is $.40 a gallon off multiplied by 30 gallons which is $12 of gas. I am going to fill up at Giant anyway. So if I am going to spend $100 on gas, I may as well go inside, spend $110 (or even $90 if it is a money making deal) and get 4 bags of groceries plus a tank of gas for that money. Get it? Keep an eye on your gas tank...fill up empty or take a gas can so as not to leave leftover free gas. Keep an eye on the expiration of points. Right now I have until May 10. If they were expiring this weekend I'd be in a panic because I could not use all that gas ($7)and so I would have bought food/cleaning supplies I would not have otherwise splurged on if they weren't going to end up "free". When we fill up Big Blue this weekend at say $3.50 my receipt will say I still have another $3.50 left to use for next time. Despite what the cashiers may say, you do get to keep your points until the expiration date. 

OK. SO...this week there are TWO deals going on. And deals can be done ten times. EACH! 
You have a section of "buy 6 get 400 points" (so buy them in stacks of 6, mix and match, up to 60 items!)
AND a section of "buy 7 get 500 points" (so buy them in stacks of 7, up to 70 items!)

Dear friend, here is what I decided to get:
Buy 6 at 400 points = $12 gas, thus anything at $2 (x6) becomes a break even situation!
I bought a TON of Mussleman applesauce cups because they will keep a LONG time and they are something we use often for the girls. I also got Deer Park water, Neuro drinks (I figured the vitamin D ones couldn't hurt!), and coconut waters. They were each $2 so I broke even. There were also some Kozy Shack pudding cups that were gluten free/no sugar added for just under $2(money maker) that I decided to try. I regret it...they call to me day and night. ;P
I bought 60 items for just under $120 and I have $120 worth of free gas.
 I also went for the:
Buy 7 at 500 points =$15 gas, so anything just over $2 becomes an even deal.
You could make money getting Mama Rosies pasta, Kelloggs waffles, and/or Healthy Choice entrees. I didn't have room and we just don't use those up. 
I did do one deal of "buy 7" even though I spent a little on the items, but we use them, so I was happy for the savings. I got Friendly's ice cream and waffles. It was a splurge! :) (ice cream is about 40 cents a box with this deal!)

I hope this helped!
Next Week is ANOTHER crazy savings week! There looks to be TONS of money making deals on cleaning supplies! We need to take a road trip to burn through some of this gas. JK, JK, JK!!!!!
lets say you are putting $50.00 of gas in your car. You have to put gas in your car and it is going to cost you $50.00 no matter what right?
So would you rather spend $50.00 total on just gas or maybe spend $58.00 total and get gas and 4 bags of food as well. Sometimes, you can actually make money lets say you pay $40.00 out and get $50.00 in gas, well that is $10 you got totally free.

here are TWO sets of Giant Gas Deals for the week of 3/23/14. The first set is buy 6, save $.40 per gallon. When you get 30 gallons of gas, it is $12.00 off.
lets say you are putting $50.00 of gas in your car. You have to put gas in your car and it is going to cost you $50.00 no matter what right?
So would you rather spend $50.00 total on just gas or maybe spend $58.00 total and get gas and 4 bags of food as well. Sometimes, you can actually make money lets say you pay $40.00 out and get $50.00 in gas, well that is $10 you got totally free.