Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friendlier deviled eggs

Here in our house, we LOVE our deviled eggs. Quite possibly it is because we rarely ever take time to make them. I usually become more motivated the week after Easter, when the hard boiled brightly colored eggs are staring at me from my overloaded refrigerator thanks to all the holiday leftovers.
While I have discovered ways to simplify dyeing the eggs with my girls affected by cerebral palsy (see   HERE) this year I was also committed to having them assist with the deviling of them...after all, they certainly contribute to eating them! After a few blunders I came up with a user friendly idea. 

I halved the eggs and they helped spoon out the centers into a sturdy quart bag. (The freezer bags had more strength than the storage quart bags...and we needed sturdy!)

Next, we added our ingredients to our baggies. We enjoy just some mayo, spicy mustard, and a dash of salt and pepper.
Then we squeezed the bags.LOTS!

Definitely our favorite part!!

And finally, the corner was cut off, the filling squeezed back into the centers, displayed, admired, and ...EATEN!